Situated inside the Atwater Market for the last 12 years, Terrines & Pâtés is now recognized as one of the most essential stall of this Montreal renowned establishment.

Inside Terrines & Pâtés, you will find some of the most fine and authentic food. You will fall for these delicate scents and fragrances from here and around the world. One visit does it all: truth is the counters are filled with a combination of freshness and flavors. Soups and Potages, Salads, Prepared Meals, Conserves and Delicatessen all destined to seduce each and every one.

Aside ready-to-eat and other products, Terrines & Pâtés is a dedicated team of cuisine lovers first and foremost reunited for their know-how and their commitment to quality.

Terrines & Pâtés is synonymous of generous and abundance of flavours to discover: so many invitations for your special feast.