Terrines & Pâtés prepares a variety of healthy and tasty pre-cooked meals, including fishe, chicken, meat and game, all in different form and exquisitely dressed.

Choosing between French cuisine meals, reinvented home classics or tasty salads, all our plates are prepared on the spot, with fresh and savoursome ingredients, distinctly selected to reveal only the good taste in all our meals.

Concern for quality in our kitchen facilitates our choices for a unique Cuisine du Marché, adapting ourselves with daily arrivals and freshness from the Farmers.

Here’s some examples we’re preparing for you:

Flemish Endives
Deer Stew
Salmon Remoulade
Seafood Crumble
Basquaise Chicken
Olive Duck
Bœuf Bourguignon
Braised Lamb Shank
Lamb Stew
Meat Balls
Saffron Rice
Beef with carrots
Veal cordon bleu
Chicken cordon bleu
Zucchini Fritters
Salmon Paupiette
Lamb Couscous
Stuffed Eggplant...